Gemini Jump On

Handspring To Bow n Arrow And Back To Handspring

Front Hook Spin Combo With Table Top V

Gemini Jump On Handstand Combo

Handspring Roll Over


Handspring Grip Variation

Dragontail Variation

Split Grip Handspring Pencil

Handspring To Twisted Butterfly

Phoenix Spin

Elbow Grip Shoulder Mount

Table Top Grip Variation

Russian Butterfly

Handspring To Scorpio

Forearm Stand Pencil

Handstand One Arm

Handstand Elbow Grip

Handstand Vertical Split

Fang Aerial On Spinning Pole

Allegra Grip Variation On Spinning Pole

Allegra Into Table Top On Spinning Pole


Pencil On Spinning Pole To Iverted V Clock

Handspring Cup Grip

Handspring From Floor

Ironx On Spininng Pole

Shoulderstand Pencil At Pole

Libra To Split Grip Handspring

Crossbow Split Grip