Front Back Hook Spin Combo

Ballerina Sit Attitude From Floor Perec

Attitude Kick And Kick’n Slide

Back Hook Spin Inside Leg

Fireman Spin Pike

Jamilla Straddel From Floor

Step And Slide

Pole Step Spin

Fireman Spin One Leg Straight

Back Hook Spin Outside Leg

Split Grip Pencil

Kick And Slide

Fireman Spin Knee Stand

Swing Motion Half Moon

One Arm Carousel To Bumerang

Juliet Spin

Tuck Spin Martini

Front Hook Spin

Attitude Knee Hook

Attitude Variation

Fireman Spin

Fireman Knee Stand From A Jump

Front Crossed Leg Fireman Spin

Delphin Spin Split Grip

Chair Spin

Attitude Spin With Attitude Stretch


Attitude Spin

Attitude Stretch Floorwork

Frog Stand Up